My Journey starts here – BOA Guesthouse

After staying here in July 2013, choosing BOA Guesthouse as the place to stay before getting my own apartment was probably the easiest decision I’ve ever made. Why? Read on and you’ll find out.


I’ve stayed in quite a few hostels in South Korea, but none of them could even slightly reach BOA Guesthouse’s level. This guesthouse basically includes everything you need for a cheap price.

Let’s start off with its location: BOA Guesthouse is near Hongdae, which is known for its urban vibe (I’ll get to this fantastic place in a future article ;). And, for those subway lovers (like me) out there, BOA is right next to Hongik University Station which connects three subway lines: line number 2, the Gyeongui line and the Airport Railroad. Yes, you’ve heard right: You can come to Hongdae right away from both Gimpo and Incheon International Airport. How convenient!

In terms of facilities, BOA shines from here to eternity. I’ve stayed in a single room both times and despite the room being a bit small (but who expects a huge room from a hostel anyway), it contains anything from basic necessities like a bed to attractive features like a television (including more than 100 channels).  Well, the photos speak for themselves:




Every room even has its own bathroom, which, especially in guesthouses, can’t be found that often (shared bathrooms seem to be more common). (Note that Korean bathrooms most of the time don’t include a shower stall, but the shower head is connected to the sink). BOA even provides you with two towels.


Outside of your room, you’ll find lots of things to explore at BOA Guesthouse. There’s a common food area at the first floor where you can eat, cook your own food, chat, listen to some music and even use computers for free. And maybe even practice your Korean with BOA’s mini books!

If you want to order some food but don’t know how to speak Korean, the staff is willing to help you at all times. BOA even offers their own tours to help you get through Seoul’s surroundings easily.






This hostel provides free breakfast as well, which is served everyday from 7-10 am. It includes orange juice, milk, coffee, tea, eggs, cereals, toast, jam and butter. There even are some special meals, changing every single day. I have a weakness for surprises, so this makes me quite excited.. ^^”



On the 6th floor is a rooftop garden and the stunning view gets me every time.. There’s even a prayer room for Muslims. Without a doubt,  BOA Guesthouse is one of the most Muslim-friendly hostels in Seoul. They even have a cupboard including cooking utensils and Halal food especially for Muslims in the common food area.



A laundry room is situated right next to the rooftop garden, so don’t worry about not being able to wash your dirty laundry ;).

BOA’s staff loves getting presents from all over the world, so why not bring a souvenir from your home country :3? They even put them into the common food area and on a shelf in the reception.


My Luxembourg teddy bear, which I gave them in 2013, is still sitting there ^^

P1010355 copie

I guess for someone who welcomes you this warm-heartedly (have a look at the photo below), a gift is not asking for much ;3.

P1010359 copie


Take the Subway to Hongik University Station, then go to exit 4. Turn left, head towards the “K2” store and turn right.


Go up the street until you see the LG building on your right, then cross the street at the crosswalk and make a right turn. Pass the street, turn into the street on your left as soon as you see “Bizeun” and after a few meters, you’ll see BOA Guesthouse on your left.



More information here: Boa Guesthouse Website

I hope that after reading this article, you’ll consider choosing BOA Guesthouse as your accommodation in Seoul ^^

Till next time,