5 things to do for free in Seoul

Don’t we all hate that feeling? A cute t-shirt here, a memorable trip to an amusement park there, oh and look at all the yummy food.. And after a while, well, your wallet might feel very light. But don’t worry, I got you covered! Here are some fun activities you can enjoy in Seoul without spending a penny 😉

Visit a temple


Some temples in Seoul allow you to enter for free! This even includes some of the major ones like Bongeunsa in Gangnam (Samseong Station – line 2). I especially recommend you to visit this temple as it is huge and you’ll be spending quite some time here if you want to see the whole area (and thus spend less time at the lovely clothing stores Seoul has to offer ^^”).

Go to the park


Speaking of long-lasting activities, going to the park seems to be a pretty obvious one. There are tons of charming parks of all sizes in Seoul (like Boramae Park next to Sindaebang station – line 2). How about an excercising session, or simply taking a stroll? After all the stressful shopping, a bit of relaxing might exactly be what you need. Since spring is coming up, I’m definitely looking forward to the beautiful cherry blossoms, which, without a doubt, will enlighten your mood instantly!

Watch a K-Pop show


With the hallyu wave spreading all over the world, many people come to Korea in hopes of seeing their favorite K-Pop artists live. With a little bit of luck, this dream might even come true! There are some weekly K-Pop shows in Seoul, which, in general, are free, but it’s quite hard to get in. In most cases, you have to fulfill some requirements, like owning a copy of the newest CD of the K-Pop artist you want to see or sometimes you even need to be a member of their official fanclub. The K-Pop show with the easiest access for foreigners probably is Simply K-Pop and here is a tutorial on how to get in.

Go to the museum


Why not acquire some cultural knowledge about Korea while you’re in Seoul? The National Palace Museum of Korea (picture above, Gyeongbokgung Station – line 3) and the National Museum of Korea (Ichon Station- line 4&Jungang line) both offer free admission and I’m sure they’re not the only museums in Korea to do so.

Window shopping


If you think you can handle going close to shopping places, then I would recommend doing some window shopping during your stay in Seoul. Most of the stores here do not only sell wonderful products, most of the time, their decoration is magical as well. The pictures above show the most appealing shop I’ve encountered so far: the Bandai store at I’Park Mall in Yongsan (Yongsan Station – line 1). They do not only display part of the toys in glass cases but you can actually play with some of them for free :D!


So, those were my tips on how to survive the evertempting Seoul without spending any money on activities ^^

Hope you liked them and till next time,




  1. Gie · March 8, 2015

    Visit Dongdaemun. There’s a museum called “Seoul City Wall” and “Dongdaemun History Museum”. Located nearby and both are free. Might as well google “서울 둘레길” (Seoul Trail) for nice exercise spot.

    • howskorea · March 8, 2015

      Thanks for the advice :)!

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