How to Become a Student in Korea

Introducing: “Studying in Korea 101 – Your Guide to Becoming a University Student in South Korea,” my new guide explaining what it is like being an international student in Korea, and how to become a student at a Korean university yourself.

As some of you might know, I was an undergraduate student at Korea University, and I graduated with Great Honors in February 2020. A lot of you found my blog through this blog post about my experience as an international student at Korea University. Even though I graduated two years ago, I still receive countless e-mails and messages asking me about what it was like studying in Korea.

And that is why I decided to collect as much information as I could and write a comprehensive guide to help potential students with:

Applying to a Korean university

– Finding the right scholarship

– Getting a student visa

– Finding accommodation

– Getting an alien registration card

Integrating into student life

…and much more!

I also added my own experience as a bachelor/undergraduate student at Korea University, including what it was like taking classes in Korean, and what I did to network and meet new people in Korea.

If you want to study in Korea, I believe that this 15-page guide could be very helpful to you! Just get yours here!

And if you have any questions, feel free to contact me here.

Till next time,