“You who came from the stars” exhibition at KINTEX in Ilsan

“별에서 온 그대” (= you who came from the stars) was THE top drama of 2014, so it’s hardly surprising that after the success of the drama’s own exhibition in Dongdaemun, the exhibits were moved to KINTEX in Ilsan in order to keep the atmosphere of this fantastic series alive as long as possible.


Ilsan is around an hour away from central Seoul and easily reachable by subway. The exhibition is situated in a huge tent outside of KINTEX’s second building. Tickets cost 10000 Won for children from the age of 7 to 18, 15000 for adults and are free for infants under 6 (if accompanied by an adult).


The entry is actually Do Minjoon’s portal door ^^! As soon as you get in, you’re greeted by heaps of props from the drama. Here are some examples:




The amount of photo/video booths at the exhibition is just as huge, but be aware that you’ll have to pay around 5000-8000 Won for every photo/video you want to get printed or sent by e-mail! The 3D theatre, though, is completely free of use. Here you’ll be able to watch highlights of the TV show, as well as some random K-pop performances, in 3D ;).

For me, the best part of this exhibition is that you can even step inside the sets of both Cheon Songyi’s and Do Minjoon’s apartments! Here are some photos of Cheon Songyi’s flat:




And Do Minjoon’s magical apartment:




Also, what is probably the most important set from the drama, Do Minjoon’s library (you can actually sit in the chair!):


At the end of the exhibition there’s a souvenir shop to satisfy your drama merchandise needs :).


The “You who came from the stars” exhibition will be open until the 31st August 2015, so if you’re coming to Korea this spring/summer, why not stop by KINTEX ;)? You’ll find more information about this event here.




Get out at exit 1 at Daehwa station (line 3). After around 300 meters, turn right at KB Kookmin Bank. You’ll be able to spot the KINTEX sign after walking for a bit, so just go towards the sign and you’ll reach KINTEX after around 10-15 minutes :).

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